We work with clients that want to increase their understanding of the human perspective, and we have broad experience from a wide range of industries, as well as from both the private and public sector.

Maple is based in Denmark, but our projects are often international and we conduct field work in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

We conduct both B2B and B2C studies, and we cover a variety of areas, including:

• Healthcare and pharma
• Media and telco
• Retail and FMCG
• Tourism, festivals and museums
• Pension and financial services
• NGOs, foundations and municipalities


We provide insights into key target groups, their lives, needs, and what makes sense to them and is relevant. We develop inspiration for improving value propositions, brand narratives, campaigns and communication – with existing or potential customers, users, members or colleagues.

We map customer and user journeys and we highlight pain points, as well as what is of value and relevance for the target group. We gain insights into people’s perception of existing products and services, as well as ideas and prototypes, and we provide recommendations on how to improve – or innovate – products and services.

We develop business direction, define strategic focus areas, as well as core narratives. We work closely with senior management to understand the business’ strengths, weaknesses and key value – for customers as well as employees – and we translate that into opportunities, road maps and overall goals and direction.

We map organizational cultures, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We work with organizational behavior, routines and myths, and with topics such as diversity, inclusion, performance and leadership. We highlight areas to improve and describe how to do so.


Customer journeys / Logistics / Maersk

Over the years Maple has conducted several global studies for Maersk. We have developed insights into the perception of the customer journey, products and services, and recommendations on how to improve the customer experience and loyalty.

Product innovation / Food / Danish Crown

Maple has provided guidance and consumer insights for Danish Crown’s product innovation processes. We have tested various ideas, prototypes and new products, and highlighted strengths and weaknesses, and how to further develop products and the key benefits.

Core narrative / Retail / Matas

We have worked closely with Matas’ senior management and defined a core narrative and strategic focus areas, based on insights from customers, employees, opinion makers and management.

Brand strategy / Media / TV 2

Maple has conducted various projects for TV 2, including insights into the perception of TV 2’s brands and content, as well as inspiration for developing relevant communication.

Value propositions / Pharma / AstraZeneca

We have made deep ethnographic research studies with patients, relatives and health care professionals, and provided insights into the lives, needs, hopes and fears that are linked to certain areas of disease and treatment.

Children / Foundations / Egmont Fonden

Maple’s studies of children include topics such as dyslexia and growing up in poverty. We have developed insights that have been shared with a range of decision makers with the purpose of supporting children at risk and ensuring a better childhood.

City development / Tourism / Wonderful Copenhagen

Maple has carried out field work in several parts of Copenhagen where we have studied how both tourists, inhabitants, businesses and organisations perceive of the city, its strengths, weaknesses and how the city can be further developed – and even more attractive for visitors.

Navigation and campaigns / Culture / The National Museum

We have worked with several museums under The National Museum umbrella, such as Moesgaard Museum and Christiansborg Castle. We have studied the visitors’ navigation and behaviour, as well as their perception of exhibition topics and campaigns.


Wonderful Copenhagen