We discover what
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Maple is a consulting company that helps our clients
understand people’s needs, and create human-centered
products, communication and strategy.

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In Brazil we studied families’ laundry routines for Novozymes, the world leader in biological solutions.

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Ethnographic tools

We develop a deep understanding of people through interviews, observation and visual exercises.

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We share a genuine interest in why people behave, make decisions and shape their lives as they do.

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Case study: HOFOR

How can a digital energy management tool for the b2b segment be improved?

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Case study: Matas

How can we redefine Matas’ purpose and make it resonate with customers, employees and partners?

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Case study: Nordisk Film

What does entertainment mean to Generation Z, and what are their needs, challenges and aspirations?

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“Working with Maple as a strategic partner has been a true gift to Matas’ strategic journey.”

Elisabeth Toftmann Klintholm, Head of Investor Relations and Strategy, Matas A/S

“We engaged Maple to get a fresh perspective on the consumer value of our core value proposition. Their ethnographic approach generated valuable insights, and short videos with consumer quotes along with actionable go-to-market recommendations gave us a solid basis for both internal strategy discussions and customer dialogues. We have very much enjoyed working with Maple. It is a team that goes the extra mile and exhibits a contagious curiosity.”

Marie Skjold-Jørgensen, Senior Business Development Manager, Novozymes

“Maple has helped Nordisk Film get close to Generation Z in order to understand their consumption of entertainment. They have been very professional throughout the process, and have been extremely good at understanding our challenges and how they could compile a deliverable that would provide the most value for us. Therefore, the result of this analysis has also been spot on and they have even gone a step further and have not only delivered insights, but also actionable recommendations for what to do from here. This is unique. Thanks to Maple we now have the best conditions for offering products and campaigns to Generation Z.”

Charlotte Roesgaard, Head of Nordic Consumer Insight, Nordisk Film