Maple is a consulting company that helps our clients develop human-centered strategies, communication and products.

We specialise in using anthropology to understand people’s lives, needs and aspirations. We have a strong focus on developing actionable insights that are easy to implement in our clients’ businesses.

Clients typically come to us when they want to increase their understanding of a certain target group, develop strong value propositions, identify key pain

points and value drivers across the customer journey or improve their communication. We help them become more human-centered and relevant for their target groups.

We work with a variety of industries, including health care, energy, media, technology, retail, financial services, foundations and NGOs, and we do both BtB and BtC studies.

Maple stands for MAtters to peoPLE, and was founded in 2017 by Johanne Staugaard Johansen.


Our core team consists of people with a background in social sciences,
such as anthropology, sociology and ethnology, and of people with
strong creative and strategic backgrounds.