Food trends change and topics such as animal welfare, sustainability and less meat consumption are increasingly on the agenda – especially for the younger generations. In order to continuously be up-to-date and create relevant products and communication, the Danish food company Tulip wanted deeper insights into young people without children, their perception of food and of meat in particular, and their grocery shopping habits as well as cooking skills and routines.


Through in-depth interviews, digital ethnography, visual exercises and observations of grocery shopping and everyday cooking with 45 young people Maple gained insights into their values and aspirations, routines and habits – as well as their perceptions of the Tulip brand and products.


The study gave Tulip new perspectives on how young people cook, eat, dream and decide – when it comes to food purchase, preparation and consumption – and Maple provided Tulip with recommendations on how to reach young people with relevant inspiration as well as products that meet their needs and aspirations.

“It has been a great pleasure working with Maple. They proactively seek to understand our business and needs, their consumer insights have brought us new knowledge – and some surprises – and their recommendations are clear, visual and easy to implement. So all in all Maple’s results have been of great value for Danish Crown Foods.”

Thomas Grøndahl, Customer Insight Manager, Danish Crown Foods