The Museum of Danish Resistance, which is a part of The National Museum, has been rebuilt after a fire in 2013 and reopens to the public in 2020. To ensure the best possible guest experience at the museum the National Museum wanted to test flow, wayfinding and communication with potential guests before making the final adjustments to the new museum.


In December 2019 Maple tested the Museum of Danish Resistance with both national and international guests. Through focus group interviews, individual interviews, test of communication material, observations and “walk-and-talks” at the museum, we gained insights into potential guests’ knowledge of and expectations to the Museum of Danish Resistance, their navigation through the building and their overall experience.


The test gave the National Museum new knowledge about how guests perceive and experience the Museum of Danish Resistance – including what really catches their attention and incite their curiosity – and why. Knowledge, which led to recommendations on how to further develop and complete the exhibition, as well as the communication at and around the museum.