In 2012 The Mary Foundation launched BookFun (LæseLeg) – a program which combines reading and activities. BookFun has been developed in collaboration with experts in children’s development and language – and today there are around 2400 BookFun-users. In order to further develop BookFun and increase its relevance and use, The Mary Foundation wanted to understand and evaluate the current use of BookFun in nurseries and kindergartens across Denmark.


Maple has conducted an online survey amongst 2.400 BookFun users and 43 interviews with daycare professionals, heads of daycare institutions as well as language, speech and hearing consultants. Through in-depth interviews, visual exercises, observations and destination interviews in more than 30 nurseries and kindergartens, we gained insights into the daily routines, ambitions, needs and challenges as well as motivations and barriers for using BookFun.


The evaluation of BookFun has resulted in new knowledge about how the material is used and the value it brings. We have provided The Mary Foundation with recommendations on how to further develop BookFun and the communication around it – such as website, social media and introduction material – in order to make the material as relevant, useful and meaningful as possible.