Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. The division Novozymes Household Care produces enzymes for manufactures of laundry detergent and wanted deep insight into families in the UK and Brazil, their lives, needs and challenges when it comes to laundry and stain removal.


Maple made an explorative study that included a total of 200 UK and Brazilian families. Through interviews, observations, drawing exercises, digital ethnography and product tests, we gained insights into the emotional, social and practical aspects of laundry and stain removal, as well as more general needs, pains and aspirations.


The explorative study gave Novozymes new perspectives on how families deal with laundry and stain removal, inspiration for communication with Novozymes Household Care’s clients as well as further product development.

“We engaged Maple to get a fresh perspective on the consumer value of our core value proposition. The team worked diligently to understand how our internal perspective on the value of our technology matched with the “real world”. Their ethnographic approach generated valuable insights into what consumers feel about doing laundry and the importance of clean clothes. Short videos with consumer quotes along with actionable go-to-market recommendations gave us a solid basis for both internal strategy discussions and customer dialogues. We have very much enjoyed working with Maple. It is a team that goes the extra mile and exhibits a contagious curiosity.”

Marie Skjold-Jørgensen, Senior Business Development Manager, Novozymes