Nordisk Film is a leading Nordic entertainment company with a variety of activities such as film production and distribution, cinema operation, film streaming platforms, games for PlayStation. Nordisk Film wanted deep insight into Generation Z’s lives, aspirations, as well as motivations and barriers for choosing different kinds of entertainment.


Maple made an explorative study that included a total of 93 Generation Z-ers (15-20 years old). The study included in-depth interviews, observations, purchasing exercises, digital ethnography and trips to the cinema and concerts.


The  study resulted in insights into what entertainment means to Generation Z, and how, why and when they consume different types of entertainment. We provided a new framework for working with entertainment targeted to Generation Z, inspiration for communication and further product development – in order to make Nordisk Film even more relevant to Generation Z.

“Maple has helped Nordisk Film get close to Generation Z in order to understand their consumption of entertainment. They have been very professional throughout the process, and have been extremely good at understanding our challenges and how they could compile a deliverable that would provide the most value for us. Therefore, the result of this analysis has also been spot on and they have even gone a step further and have not only delivered insights, but also actionable recommendations for what to do from here. This is unique. Thanks to Maple we now have the best conditions for offering products and campaigns to Generation Z.”

Charlotte Roesgaard, Head of Nordic Consumer Insight, Nordisk Film