HOFOR is a utility company that supplies more than 1.1 million customers in the Copenhagen metropolitan area with water, district heating and gas etc. HOFOR has developed a digital tool that allows customers to monitor and optimize their energy consumption. HOFOR wanted deeper insights into the customers’ perception and actual use of the tool in order to further develop it and increase its relevance.


Maple made an explorative study that included 32 customers. Through in-depth interviews, observations and visual exercises we gained insights into the customers’ everyday lives, their needs and challenges in general, how they worked with heat monitoring and their experience and usage of the digital tool in particular.


Based on the study Maple helped HOFOR prioritize focus areas in the customer relation and the further development of the digital tool. We gave recommendations of specific improvements of the tool as well as which key messages and value propositions to focus on.

“Maple provided a professional and in-depth analysis of users of energy management systems. The output has been a range of insights regarding the users, their routines, targets and motivations, and specific recommendations that we have taken further for implementation. Among these; a new method of segmenting the users and knowledge about their self-image and role. These two insights especially are now cornerstones in our work with developing new value adding services and solutions for this group”

Frederik Esbensen Lynge, Customer Solutions, HOFOR