Danish Crown has already implemented several climate friendly initiatives and has planned more to come. As a basis for the development of a climate communication strategy, Danish Crown wanted deep insights into how consumers understand climate topics and what kind of information and initiatives they find relevant.


Through focus group interviews Maple gained knowledge about how consumers understand climate and sustainability, what they do to prevent climate changes themselves, what they expect from companies and which elements are the most important. The consumers also gave their opinion on specific campaigns and initiatives made by Danish Crown.


Maple provided Danish Crown with recommendations on how to further develop and sharpen their communication about climate initiatives, which information to emphasize and how to prioritize specific campaigns to increase their relevance for the consumers.

“Vi er meget tilfredse. I har nuanceret, sammenfattet og lavet konklusioner på en måde, så vi med det samme kan bruge resultaterne, og det er ikke alle som formår det med kvalitativ research”

Jacob Ærenlund, Business Development Director, Danish Crown