Coop – one of Denmark’s largest retailers – has already positioned itself as a significant and ambitious player in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). However, Coop has an ambition to push both consumers and the industry in an even more sustainable direction, and wanted to update the CSR-strategy from 2020 in order to have a strong strategic framework that is visionary, can be anchored and executed internally as well as externally, and that is easy to communicate.


Maple helped Coop to gain insights into both customers’, employees’ and business partners’ perception of Coop as well as of themes related to responsibility and climate. On the basis of the insights we assisted Coop’s CSR-team in the strategy process, which included devloping a strategic framework, defining key focus areas as well as regular involvement of key senior stakeholders in Coop.


The project resulted in a framework for Coops CSR-strategy, including strategic focus areas, key issues to address together with specific goals and main activities. The governing principles of the framework ensure that the strategy builds on insights from the various stakeholder groups, is simple in structure, has both short- and long-term goals, answers to the SDGs and is easy to communicate internally and externally.

”Maple has helped Coop develop a new CSR-strategy. Based on in-depth research Maple provided an analysis and a range of insights, and helped us translate it into a framework for a new and ambitious CSR-strategy. Maple’s analysis and range of insights have been very interesting and valuable for us and have given us a much better understanding of our customers and other stakeholders. Maple has been very professional and proactive throughout the process, and we have very much enjoyed working with them.”

Louisa Raith, CSR project manager, Coop