Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) is one of the largest port operators in Scandinavia, handling more than 4.500 ships each year. With a rising number of cruise ships coming to Copenhagen, CMP has an increased awareness of dealing with the growth in a sustainable way. For this reason, CMP wanted insights into three key areas: 1) the harbor neighbors’ perspective on cruise ships, 2) traffic regulation at the harbor and 3) cruise ship passengers’ experiences with handling luggage.


Maple made separate studies for each of the three key areas above. The first study included in-depth interviews with harbor neighbors and explored their perception of cruise ship tourism. The second study took place at Langelinie in Copenhagen and consisted of quantitative registration of cruise ship related traffic. The third study was set in New York City and was based on in-situ interviews with cruise passengers and their needs related to luggage handling.


The three studies gave insights into how CMP can further develop cruise ship tourism by 1) working more closely with the harbor neighbors, 2) handling the harbor traffic in a more efficient way and 3) creating a new luggage handling services that meet the needs of cruise ship passengers.

“It is very valuable that Maple always quickly understand the situations, we introduce, formulate the problem and approach it spot on according to our needs, and that they during the whole process are clear and create confidence. It is a pleasure to work with Maple.”

Fredrik Bladh, strategy & business development manager Copenhagen Malmö Port